Main dishes
  Bacon and onion stuffed chicken breast with chimichurri sauce, roasted potatoes ...  1.600 Ft
  Sirloin strips, balsamic vinegar and garlic, grilled polenta ...  3.400 Ft
  Beef steak with butter and spices, caramelized vegetables ...  3.400 Ft
  Potato stew, natural meat slices ...  900 Ft
  Corner dish ...  3.800 Ft
  fried cheese, fried chicken wings, mushrooms - stuffed pork with tomato, fried seafood, rice, crusty potato rösti balls, green salad, tartar sauce    
  Chicken breast marinated in yogurt, seasonal salad, celery crisps ...  1.500 Ft
  Panko breadcrumb chicken breast, sweet chili sauce, grilled vegetables ...  1.500 Ft
  Chicken breast, baby spinach, spicy tomato sauce, rösti bullet ...  1.500 Ft
  Trout with garlic butter, shelled boiled potatoes ...  1.600 Ft
  Laci style roast pork slices, red onion salad, potato wedges ...  1.800 Ft
  Beef cheek braised, sautéed in butter and polenta ...  1.800 Ft
  Beef stew with boiled potatoes ...  1.200 Ft
  Honey, apple, walnut chicken breast, red currant jam and rösti balls ...  1.850 Ft
  Tagliotelle tomato, grilled chicken, black forest ham ...  1.500 Ft
  Roasted chicken breast with bacon, pearl onions and mushroom stew, spicy potato wedges ...  1.600 Ft
  Panko breadcrumbs fried in slices, without garnish ...  1.100 Ft
  Roast pork, bacon and mozzarella twisted, csírás green salad, jacket potatoes cooked ...  1.700 Ft
  Pork strips "Bogyiszló" style, French fries ...  1.800 Ft
  Breaded pork filled with black forest ham, mozzarella and bear leek, with boiled mushroom and rice ...  1.500 Ft
  Pork medallion in chimichurri sauce with baked potatoes ...  1.500 Ft